Al Jazeera

I recently discovered Al Jazeera news, via YouTube, in English.

I can’t compare it with other TV-style news outlets, like CNN and FoxNews, because I haven’t watched those. But Al Jazeera English is easily on par with, and in many ways superior to, The Wall Street Journal of our day, when it comes to coverage of world news, in both breadth and depth. The format is video, interview and discussion, so a comparison with print is not quite apples-to-apples. If you’re interested in keeping up with things going on in the world, Al Jazeera is worth following.

I subscribed to the Al Jazeera English YouTube channel and selected the option to get email alerts when something new is uploaded, so I get email for regular news updates, In Depth, 101 East, etc — all the Al Jazeera productions, I suppose. I don’t have time to watch many, but I can quickly click through emails and decide based on topic if it’s something I’m interested in. The emails have some basic description of what the video upload contains.

Their coverage of Sudan has been quite good — much better than the WSJ. Lately, I’ve watched informative shows about ETA, the Basque terrorist (a.k.a. “separatist”) group, how South Korea integrates North Korean defectors, the current Lebanese political crisis, Gbagbo vs Ouatarra in Cote d’Ivoire, Berbers in North Africa…


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